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Shareholders FAQs

Q.Can I buy or sell stock directly without using a broker?
A.Yes, Bellatora Inc. shareholder services and transfer agent, Action Stock Transfer, offers the Bellatora Investor Services Program for investors wishing to purchase or sell Bellatora Inc. stock. 

This plan is available to both present shareholders of record, as well as to individual investors wishing to make an initial purchase of Bellatora Inc. stock. Call our transfer agent, Action Stock Transfer, at (801) 274-1088 for an enrollment kit including a plan prospectus 

Q.Where are your shares traded?
A.Bellatora Inc. commom stock is traded on OTC Makets PINK 

Q.What is the ticker symbol?
A.The Bellatora Inc. ticker symbol is ECGR 

Q.What is the CUSIP number?
A.716563 1-01 

Q.How can I change my address on my account?
A.Please call our transfer agent, Action Stock Transfer, at Phone:(801) 274-1088 

Q.How do I find out detailed account information?
A.Please call our transfer agent,
Action Stock Transfer
Phone:(801) 274-1088

Q.Who do I contact about lost certificates?
A.Please call our transfer agent, Action Stock Transfer (801) 274-1088  

Q.How can I obtain a copy of the Annual Report or other SEC documents such as a prospectus, 10-K or 10Q?

You can obtain these and other Bellatora Inc materials in the Investor Relations section of this site, or you can call our Investor Relations Department at 1 (877) 831-3898. SEC filings are also accessible through the SEC’s Edgar database.

Q.How can I contact someone in Investor Relations?
A.To contact Investor Relations at Bellatora Inc., please call 1 (877) 831-3898 or email

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Contacting investor relations:

Email us at or
call (949) 53-INVEST or Toll Free  1 (877) 831-3898


Research coverage

Analysts looking to track ECGR are invited to contact us via email or phone to arrange a time to speak with our president, Atom Miller.