About us

Bellatora provides a superior suite of innovative vaporizer products and accessories, offering consumers an outlet to make better, healthier life choices. Bellatora’s purpose is to provide superior and innovative vaporizer products and eLiquids offering tobacco and marijuana smokers a healthier lifestyle alternative, while not polluting the environment for others. The freedom to vape. The liberty to enjoy. An established American marketing, manufacturer, and distributor of electronic vaporizers and e-liquids, Bellatora displaces big tobacco market share and plays a key role as a delivery system for HEMP PLUS in the emerging marijuana industry. Bellatora's line up of premium quality electronic cigars, cigarillos and cigarettes provide a non-intrusive and socially friendly alternative to traditional tobacco and marijuana products. Vaporizers are devices used to heat up tobacco and marijuana, and release their active ingredients as vapor, rather than smoke. Vapor use is reported to be a healthier alternative to smoking, as the substances do not have to be combusted, which produce toxic particles in the process. As a result, many smokers are switching over to vaporizers in order to enjoy their substance of choice, enjoying a significantly lower risk of harmful health consequences, as well as product discreteness and controlled active ingredient concentration. Bellatora Inc. is a Colorado Corporation and trades under the symbol ECGR on the Over the Counter US Exchange ECGR-OTCPINK